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Technology behind the scenes

Backend Development

Backends by digital media partners are always individual developments, based on your needs. On top of system development, we specialize in the integration of backends into existing systems, particularly online shops, CRM, customer information systems or access to supplier systems such as logistics, SAP and databases.

Our core competencies in backend development are:

– Design of scalable, high-performance backends – even under heavy load
– Development of so-called REST backends for an easy communication with clients
– Design and implementation of secure and flexible APIs for mobile clients
– Backend integration into your existing infrastructure
– Connection to supplier systems (logistics, SAP, databases, etc.)

We can assist you in backend development for e.g. online shops, mobile apps, games or communities. Contact us without obligation – our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Framework & Libraries

In order to meet project targets, we work with existing technologies, frameworks and libraries, consequently saving both, time and money. Moreover we can develop your specific requirements on different platforms simultaneously, thus giving access to the largest possible number of users or potential customers.

Development Tools

With regards to development tools our focus lies on efficiency. In order to implement your project as quickly as possible and to meet all targets, we use toolkits, that allow our experts to reach your milestones according to your specifications and without delays. Talk to us and see what our experts and tools can do for you in one of your projects.


Our employees are knowledgeable experts in their respective fields. They are accustomed to work on-site with the client as part of existing or virtual teams. Due to our international focus, our specialists have – apart from general expert knowledge – a local network and local market expertise.


Whether a complex database or a database driven application – digital media partners develops databases as web applications or as part of a company’s internal network, for sales or content management systems or to manage customer data. Our expertise includes: MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL and Postgres SQL.

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