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The need for external support often arises due to a variety of situations such as department overload, reorganization or the need for expertise to e.g. open up new business opportunities or markets. In most of these cases a company requires external resources for the short or medium term support of existing teams or simple “know-how” transfer. Thanks to many years of industry experience our consultants are familiar with these challenges and thus capable of realizing immediate “quick wins” for your company.

As a result of our corporate origin, our industry focus is on the so-called TIME markets. That is telecommunications, internet, media and entertainment. Within these segments we are focused on marketing, technology and finance. We also offer personnel (recruiting, coaching, etc.) or operations support.

The advantage of external resources? You can solve short term challenges in your human resource planning, you get expert knowledge and insights also in niche areas and support for internal teams e.g. in the implementation of time-
critical projects. Contact us for a first meeting and exchange of ideas without any obligation. We are looking forward to meeting you!
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digital media partners has its origins in the marketing of so-called value-added services and mobile applications. Thus our passion and our core expertise lies in the realization of services and products (Technology) and their distribution (Marketing/Advertising). Based on our our business profile this includes e.g. PMO (Project Management Office), project management, program management, campaign or interim management.


In addition to marketing, technology is an integral part of our consulting portfolio. We have invested strongly in recent years in areas such as mobile services, architecture & design, software-, application- and network services. We are particularly focused on next-generation-network such as IPv6, due to the need for more flexibility for M-2-M applications as well as private use.


In finance departments of large corporations, short term peaks of activity often arise at certain times or with certain events such as quarterly reports, financial statements or budget allocation. Most of the time this temporary additional workload does not require FTEs. Thus external resources are ideally suited to handle such projects. External support is also suitable for business intelligence, cost optimization or capital market services.

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