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Programmatic Advertising

With today’s technology consumers have a great choice of being constantly connected and search for relevant content via computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. When they shift from one device to the other and from one channel to the other marketers and sellers gain more opportunity to analyse consumers’ behavior and preferences across all these different screens and channels. However, this variety of options also makes it even more complex to offer the right content to the right consumer in a real time in order to make her or him become part of an interested and participatory audience.

So how can you reach your desired customers across the millions of sites, videos and apps and offer them the right content even as they switch devices? The answer lies in programmatic, which is no longer used for direct response campaigns only, but can also be effectively deployed in brand campaigns. Programmatic enables for brands to be super-relevant for specific consumers by using socio-demographic and behavioral data from various sources in real-time.


It is the relevance of the campaign message that needs to be optimized so that it can make a difference in getting consumers interested. Otherwise they might penalize one-size-fits-all messages and totally disregard them. Therefore the focus should be on the so-called micro-moments, in which a consumer shapes preferences and makes decisions. These micro-moments are crucial for advertisers and their brands, because by analyzing them and by getting a complete view of consumers’ intents through gathering all sorts of behavioural data and information on the purchase journey, advertisers can use programmatic to launch sophisticated, relevant, creative, engaging and measurable campaigns at scale.

Furthermore, if you are you interested in the effectiveness of campaign messages, in whether or not your campaign has been seen by consumers and how they reacted as well as if they engaged and made a purchase, use programmatic. With the right measurement tools get your answers so that you can make quick adjustments while the campaign is still live. Programmatic will increase direct sale of your products and improve your overall efficiency.
Make programmatic become your competitive advantage!

Quote“The consumer isn’t a moron. She is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything – David Ogilvy”