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Missing Resources?

We are here to help


Your company is going through a change and you need short term external recourses or fresh input? Benefit of our expertise in the fields of Marketing, Business Development and Technology. We support you in the conception, implementation and optimization of your products or processes, regardless if you want to achieve “quick wins” or develop a mid to long-term relationship with digital media partners. We are focusing on mobile network operators, aggregators and providers of value added services, classic (TV, Radio and Print) and new media (Online and Mobile).

Our employees and consultants have longstanding experience in the industry and thus know the challenges, our clients often face. A lot of these challenges are a result of restructuring processes, which lead to a temporary lack of recourses, revenue pressure based on shareholder value expectations, missing expertise entering a new field of business or simply the demand of external ideas when needed.

Let us help you and benefit from the expertise of our consultants.


You need experts on an short term because there is an internal lack of knowledge or you are short on recourses? Benefit from our experience in the fields of Marketing, Business Development and Technology. Short term won’t cut it? We will also gladly support you on mid to long-term projects.

Interim Management

Our interim managers are fully operational within a couple of days wherever you need them, ready to lead strategic projects, implement new products and technologies or to act as the desperately needed additional hand on deck whenever resources a scarce.

Project Support

You have connectivity but no monetization? Let us show you how to make the most of your portfolio. We support you from the first idea to the optimization of your revenues. Don’t worry about complex processes or not yet allocated budgets.

QuoteDo not listen to consultants who never disagree with you – Ludwig Rosenberg