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The personal way to inform

Voice Infoservices

Stay connected with your customers by using the most personal medium, the mobile phone. Reach your customers anywhere at any time. digital media partners offers innovative technology in the value-added service area. Communicate with your target audience more effectively and on an individual level, by using the integrated multimedia features of our voice-based information services.

With our mobile platform you get access to a variety of services and contents. With the use of so-called short-code numbers, both, voice calls and SMS messages are received through the same number. Our direct connections to network operators ensure high availability and the best possible network for your voice info services. Voice info services offer a broad scope of applications for incoming and outgoing calls. Our lifestyle services include sports, weather, news, gossip on VIPs, daily astrology/horoscope and fashion trends. Our business services include telephone directory assistance, hotel-, train- and airport as well as traffic information, car rental, stocks and finance.

From service numbers, payment systems and creative voice applications to network-based IVR and ACD solutions, digital media partners is your competent partner for all your questions.

Recorded Services

With our “Recorded Services”, you are able to offer your customers a variety of different contents. We work together with recording studios and international content partners. The services are updated several times a day and checked by our team to meet our quality standards. Examples of our recorded services are sports, lifestyle news, financial news, fashion, gossip and much more…

Live Services

Live Services enjoy high popularity by providing interactivity between client and operator. Classic live services are for example astrology services, in which a customer receives a personal horoscope or counseling. We also offer consulting services in the areas of finance, weather or different information services, e.g. classic telephone directory assistance, traffic reports or tourism.

Quote“Smartphones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever – Daniel Goleman”