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digital media partners is your specialist for digital advertising, mobile solutions und consulting. The enterprise was founded in Switzerland in 2011 and has, in spite of its young age, managed to become a leading expert in fields of telecommunications, Internet, media and entertainment. digital media partners offers products and intermediate products such as Advertising, Voice Portals, Messaging, Applications (Web-Apps and Native Apps) and advises clients with the implementation of their business ideas. Since the founding of digital media partners, the company has experienced steady growth and now operates in many countries of Europe, Latin America, North America and Africa. What drives us? We want to shape the future of mobile supported information as the main player with the efficiency of a lean organization and a short decision-making process. Though only founded a few years ago, our teams combine decades long of experiences in TIMES markets and work professionally at the interface of communication and information/entertainment. We have international ambitions, which are also representative of our location in Switzerland. We connect the need of global players to communicate with fragmented and regulated single markets in Europe and beyond. Quality is our trademark.


Our location – Zug in Switzerland – speaks for the international ambitions of our business. We connect the communications needs of customers from around the world with those of global players that wish to generate additional revenue. We are providing services to countries like Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan and UK and have recently expanded our engagement to Africa and Latin and North America.

We set up representative offices in 2014 in Nigeria (Lagos) and USA (New York) that assist us in developing the local business. Nevertheless, to keep our high quality standards and not to give up the reins, we continue to carry out coordination, management and control of all activities from our headquarters in Switzerland.

Are you interested in a cooperation (content, services, consulting, etc.) or do you need assistance in entering a market? Then talk to us. Our experts work with an excellent network of professionals with local expertise, also in in your region.


B2B – Business-to-Business

Our products ensure that your supporters are talking about you and that your critics are silenced. Our promise to you: services from digital media partners stand for high acceptance, revenue and thus for an increase of your ARPU. We can enlarge your product portfolio with interesting content and optimize your supply chain. We can also support you with one of our experts directly at your company.


B2C – Business-to-Customer

We are working on the future of mobile delivery. We often devote ourselves to the percentage of the population, who has not yet discovered the smartphone for itself and which still uses older generation mobile phones. A large number of customers therefore value our products. What makes us successful? Focusing on customer needs, especially when it comes to usability and simplicity.


Quote“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart – Thomas John Watson, Sr.”