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As digital media partners we are in direct exchange with national and international associations, thought leaders, experts, and last but not least with our customers. It is precisely for this reason, that we joined the VATM, the largest association of telecommunications companies with more than 120 members in Germany. Its members include companies from the fields of fixed- and mobile networks, value added and info services. The VATM is an important tool for us to recognize upcoming trends in the European market and to receive early information about changes in legislation or regulations. In addition, the VATM represents the interests of members in national and international bodies to have greater influence to forestall the over-regulation of individual members as it has done in the past.

In order to meet our high quality standards, we have also subjected ourselves to the code of conduct for premium services in mobile communications. The code of conduct for value added services, among others, ensures price and offer transparency, clearly unifies and regulates the flow of approval and launch of services, defines mechanisms for better cost control for consumers and prevents consumers being addressed with spam. Furthermore, the code of conduct is subject to a regular audit and review process in order to ensure an appropriate and timely adaptation to changes in the industry and to continuously improve consumer protection.

For the benefit of our customers we have also joined PhonepayPlus, which is the UK’s independent regulator of premium services, similar to the code of conduct for premium services in Germany. The definition of the rules of PhonepayPlus for permium services or other providers can be found in the “Code of Practice”.


The liberalization of Germany’s telecommunications market in 1998 didn’t automatically result in an even level playing field for all market participants overnight. It was not feasible to create a politically and economically reliable framework for fair competition on a previously monopolized market based on the actions of just some market participants. Thus, since 1997, more than one hundred and twenty… >>> VATM e.V.

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PhonepayPlus regulates all so-called “premium rate services” in Great Britain. These include services that are listed either on a customer’s mobile bill or received with a statement from a landline supplier. The relevant rules and regulations are listed in the “code of practice”. PhonepayPlus is a nonprofit organization that consists of eight board members… >>> PhonepayPlus

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Quote“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success – Henry Ford”