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Mobile Apps

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Mobile Apps

With the still increasing global sales of mobile devices, the market for apps will continue to grow exponentially.
The focus in app development is on concept, project management, distribution, services and maintenance of mobile applications. digital media partners develop mobile applications for all platforms: Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Web Apps.
Why mobile applications? With the right app for your business, processes can be simplified and customer service experience optimized. Creative campaigns will activate new and existing customers. Use new marketing ideas such as vouchers, QR codes or innovative apps to inspire users. Explore our app portfolio.

Mobile applications offer a wide range of options for all kinds of services. From offering more standard services such as phonebook apps, navigation apps or messaging apps to customized apps such as games with your company’s logo, information apps with news on your latest products/services or tailored shopping apps. Our apps will enable you to interact with your customers across multiple media formats.

As a competent consultancy agency, digital media partners will support your business and your mobile portfolio from concept to implementation and successful distribution of your mobile application. Our services cover mobile applications for smartphones as well as feature phones (classic mobile phones). Please feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to jointly develop your future app portfolio.

Mobile Apps for Smartphones

With the ever-growing market share of smartphones, the demand for mobile applications and mobile content for these devices will continue to increase. We are here to support you in designing a successful app, focusing particularly on premium services, efficiency and usability.


Mobile Apps for Feature Phones

Despite an upward trend for smartphones, feature phones (classic mobile phones without touch screen) are still available in high numbers and therefore considered relevant devices. Mobile applications and contents are thus very interesting also for users of feature phones.


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