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SMS Infoservices


Despite the increasing popularity of smartphones, SMS continues to be a useful tool to stay up to date. Our SMS info services for example can be received even from abroad and without any roaming charges. This option is especially useful when for example a favorite team is playing or for checking the weather report before traveling home from vacation. Especially for those, you do not appreciate smartphones, SMS info services are an ideal alternative to stay informed on favorite subjects without the need for internet access or hidden costs.

Beyond services such as world news, sports, finance, weather, astrology and many more, it is possible to participate in sweepstakes or voting by using SMS. One can comfortably vote, participate in sweepstakes or e.g. support a favorite candidate to become the new ‘Superstar’. All without a smartphone or hidden data or roaming charges.

SMS Info Services

The SMS info services by digital media partners enable the users to always be up to date regarding local news, weather, traffic reports and trends in music, fashion, gossip, astrology or the latest sports news from soccer, tennis or Formula 1. The advantage of SMS info services over native- or mobile web applications is, that messages can be received on all types of mobile devices at home and from abroad without additional roaming charges.

Payment Methods

Different models are available to cover charges for SMS info services. The choice of the model depends on the service or application. Option A: “cost-free”- models with sponsorship by an advertising partner; option B: subscription models for non-seasonal or seasonal services (like soccer, e.g. German Bundesliga, news, financial news, etc.); option C: the billing of delivered news on special events.

Sweepstakes & Votings

As an alternative to the aforementioned scenarios, SMS can also be used for sweepstakes or voting campaigns. Especially as part of campaigns that take place across all media, such as TV, radio and print. The advantage over sweepstakes or voting online or through an app is, that one can conveniently participate through SMS and still remain anonymous without unwillingly handing over personal data to third parties.

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