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Digital Advertising

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Targeted Advertising

You are a marketer or brand, looking for a way to optimize the way you are addressing your customers? You want to target consumers on an individual basis? Let digital media partners help you to expand your marketing portfolio. We give you access to our digital media partners targeting toolbox and targeting methods that you can use to personalize display ads across any type of campaign in order to reach new customer segments, groups and individuals. We enable you to address users, not websites, as they move around the Internet and thus significantly optimize your campaign efficiency and ROI. Thanks to our digital media partners online tracking technology, you as a marketer or brand do not longer have to rely on assumptions about the behavior and preferences of your existing and potential future customers. Instead you can deliver ads targeted specifically to individuals, based on their online behavior. Marketers and brands like yourself know, that this type of highly personalized advertising is more effective generating both clicks and conversions, than other, more traditional marketing methods. digital media partners makes your ads more relevant and interesting to consumers. But we do not stop there. We help you to really get to know your target audiences on an individual level over time. digital media partners analytics enables you to gather aggregate data about interests and behaviors, that you can use to find new audiences and define future target groups that will be interested in your business. Use digital media partners for all of your digital campaigns.


Retargeting is a method which you can use to remind consumers of your brand that they already demonstrated interest in. So if you want high return on your investment, use our retargeting technology and platform to gain a repeated exposure of your brand and segment to your target audience. Remind them of your business and turn them into your leads and long-term loyal customers. Convince yourself of the best possible digital advertising strategy tool. Target precisely your not yet converted customers with an ad that is relevant for them and get a higher user quality.

Predictive Trageting

Predictive targeting as a marketing tool can help you organize your business in a way that allows you to gain more potential customers. It can help you find solutions to challenges that marketers face today and to win over customers before your competitors do by defining who will be your next customers, how you will convert them and how to find them in the first place. If you use all this analytical data you can create targeted and – if necessary – personalized content assets, move consumers through your funnel at a faster pace and gain high conversion rates.

Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting techniques can take you to a higher level of ad customization in order to reach a more receptive audience and exclude people who aren’t really interested in your offers. Once you create visitors’ profiles that are linked to their web browsers you are able to segment them. As soon as a visitor from a specific segment returns to the website or another website that is part of the same network by using the same browser, you as advertiser can use the visitor segment information in order to launch an ad that is relevant to that visitor.

Quote“When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product – David Ogilvy”