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digital media partners AG

digital media partners is your specialist for digital advertising, mobile solutions and consulting. The enterprise was founded in Switzerland in 2011 and has, in spite of its young age, managed to become a leading expert in the fields of telecommunications, internet, media and entertainment. digital media partners offers products and intermediate products such as Advertising, Voice Portals, Messaging and Applications (Web-Apps and Native Apps) and advises clients with the implementation of their business ideas. Since the founding of digital media partners the company has experienced steady growth and now operates in many countries of Europe, Latin America, North America and Africa. What drives us? We want to shape the future of mobile supported information as the main player with the efficiency of a lean organization and short decision-making processes. Though only founded a few years ago, our teams combine decades long of experiences in TIMES markets and work professionally at the interface of communication and information/entertainment. We have international ambitions, which are also representative of our location in Switzerland…>> about us

Programmatic Advertising

With today’s technology, consumers have the opportunity of being constantly connected, searching for relevant content via computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. When they switch from one device to another and from one channel to the next, marketers and sellers gain more opportunity to analyze consumers’ behavior and preferences across all different screens and channels. However, this variety of options also makes it even more complex to offer the right content to the right consumer or customer in a real-time in order to make her or him become an interested and participatory audience. So how can you reach your desired customers across the millions of sites, videos and apps and offer to them the right content, even as they switch between devices? The answer lies in Programmatic, which is no longer used only for direct response campaigns, but can also be effectively deployed in brand campaigns. Programmatic enables for brands to be highly relevant for specific consumers by using socio-demographic and behavioral data from various sources in real-time.
>> Programmatic Advertising

2017- Video Advertising

Users nowadays use various different platforms and media. In order to maintain access to your target audience, Video Advertising should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. However, the correct placement of your video clips is more difficult than it initially seems. Various forms, resolutions, standards…
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Your business is going through a series of changes and you need short-term external resources or impulses? Benefit from our expertise in the areas of marketing, business development and technology. We support and accompany you during the conception, implementation and optimization process of your products and services.
>>> Consulting


Quote“A good decision is based on knowledge, not numbers – Plato”